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Mark Melnyk

Fishing Like You've Never Seen Before

An avid sportsman fanatic about fishing, a professional par excellence, and personality bar none…what else can we say about Mark. In his new show, Guided with Mark Melnyk, he immerses himself in the often eclectic, competitive and dangerous world of a professional fishing guide. Backwood jonboat alligator gar, jungle river silver king tarpon, extreme north chrome steelhead and everything in between Guided with Mark Melnyk showcases the locations, the fish and the personalities of the fishing world to get you Guided. We thank Mark for guiding us to understanding the requirements of the extreme environmental conditions associated with being on open water and the effect of glare on vision. Together we have developed his signature line of glasses for fishing you’ve never seen before. Follow Mark's adventures at Mark Melnyk Outdoors.

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