Ladies | Polarized

Ladies | Polarized

Polarization. It is a term synonymous with sunglasses. But what does it mean? Applying a polarized film to the lens achieves better visual clarity against glare by blocking the light waves bouncing off surfaces. The result: a sharper image with less glare. Many sunglasses on the market cut corners by applying the polarized film to the outer layer of the lens, which deteriorates at a faster rate and is easily scratched. Our Sundog Premium Polarized lens is built differently by layering the polarized film between two of our SD-C7 Polycarbonate lenses to produce a polarized lens unlike any other. Sharper Images and protection from the elements with our Premium Polarized Lens.

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SIBELLA Polarized
Polarized LensSIBELLA Polarized
Sale price$59.99 USD

1 color available

SOUL Polarized - Sundog Sunglasses for Golf, Running and Your LifestyleSOUL Polarized
SD-C7 Polycarbonate LensSOUL Polarized
Sale price$49.99 USD

2 colors available